Welcome to my workshop. I do apologise for not having a full list of products and prices. You'll only see a few snippets of what I do and make. I prefer prospective customers to contact me directly so as to make sure we are a good fit, and also it helps to keep my products from being copied.

As for my products, I am inspired by the XIIXth and XIXth centuries. I make and source items that are beautiful and interesting. Reproduction and interpretations of old, antique hand made decorative accessories, gifts and objects.

Please contact me on 0433339004 or email me at

sincerely Rebecca 

Louise Bust
Square all  - Copy
Virgin Mary Tole
Papier Mache Jamie and Stand
palette Turner - Copy
close up middle palette colour
CHERUBs Set of 2
detailed paper
4 cuff
intaglio close up
Mirror sunflair antique
dolls group 710 dpi adjusted
Ballet Rehersal
santos and crown
stairs and clown
pagoda bunny santos close up
circus full half
2 ferris 2nd best
Typewriter Keys
Christmas star round adjusted


Atelier de Thiers specialize in homewares, interior decoration, Christmas decorations and antique, French and vintage reproductions. 

We are primarily a wholesaler, and we manufacture here in Australia as well as employing ethical companies based overseas. Rebecca has created relationships within many small communities with an emphasis on sustainability and supporting local families and the educating of female children. 


Inspired by antiques, exquisiteness and ornamentation. Sought for its uniqueness, bought for its beauty and charm. Judiciously passed to the next generation, heirlooms of the future.


If  you would like further information or have any questions or comments, or you would like further information on becoming a wholesale customer please, do not hesitate to contact Rebecca directly via email or Mobile on 0433339004.

Factory located at 135 Bamfield Rd, Heidelberg Heights, Victoria, 3081